Good Vibes

"Catch me smoking weed were the wild things are"

Happily Taken



My anaconda don’t wanna go to class tomorrow

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sealightss asked: After being berated by several feminists in the past week for agreeing they need rights and then being yelled at because I supposedly was calling myself a feminist I was told I was cis scum and needed to die, so your post explained exactly how some of that needs to stop.


it’s rough that people do that. feminism is a great thing. I would say that I’m a feminist. but tumblr feminists are scum and don’t actually understand what feminism is. I wish they were more educated. I wish all of tumblr was more educated. there is just some things that people want so desperately to believe they are right about and they will crush anything and anyone in their path. it’s sad. but just know that I get it, trust me. and if someone tells you that you are cis scum and need to die, just send me their URL and I’ll educate the hell out of them

you smoke to look cool. I smoke to die

I don’t have commitment issues. I can commit. I’m afraid that they can’t.


i think the coolest thing would be to see a new color

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Rudy Francisco
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I want to be the kind of story you have to tell everyone you know

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I’m starting to get bad again. Please don’t let me fall into my mind.
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